Bristol + Bath Creative R&D


The Bristol + Bath Creative Industries Cluster (B&B CREATIVE R&D) is a partnership aiming to improve the performance of the Creative Industries in the Bristol and Bath region.

The Cluster brings together Watershed and several universities in the region, working with a range of industry partners from television, theatre, publishing and computing.

The Cluster’s core proposition is to partner with industry to gain understanding about user engagement in new platforms. The partnership will be working at sites where 5G connectivity, XR technologies and live arts overlap.

The Programme

The programme is structured round an R&D fellowship programme leading into a series of major themed projects.

The model puts inclusion and new talent at its heart to identify and support the thought leaders of tomorrow. Every programme will include New Talent Fellows, supported to think about innovation in a digital first way. In turn, New Talent Fellows will co-produce skills workshops for the next generation, creating a radically inclusive leadership model.

The Partnership

The programme is designed to include many points of contact and collaboration for industry partners that will produce several different types of impact for a range of different participants, service users, companies and individuals.

Our goal is to lay the foundations for the Bristol + Bath Cluster to be internationally successful by 2030. The Cluster brings together UWE Bristol, Watershed, and the Universities of Bath, Bristol and Bath Spa along with industry partners.


Homepage image: Kaleider’s ‘Dancing Shadows’ – Layered Realities 5G Showcase, March ’18
Hero image: Joanie Lemercier’s ‘Millennium Constellations’ – Layered Realities 5G Showcase, March ’18
Creative Industries Clusters Programme montage video credits: Kaleider’s ‘Dancing Shadows’, Joanie Lemercier’s ‘Millennium Constellations’, Duncan Speakman & Uninvited Guests ‘Billennium Square’ – Layered Realities 5G Showcase, March ’18